Fermented Food Workshops in Brisbane

We’re passionate about giving people the information and skills so they can take control of their health and nutrition – simply and effectively.

The Fermented Food Workshops are designed to give you the skills and confidence to immediately start making healthy and nutritious fermented foods that will have a positive effect on your health and well-being.

The number of attendees at the workshops is limited to six people. This small group allows us to deliver a personalised and hands-on learning environment.

To book a place at a workshop: email Roslyn Bono, specifying the workshop name and date.  

Payment Method- direct deposit, via Internet Banking
name  Roslyn B Bono   bsb  064012   acc#  10086583

(Please include your name & workshop date in your payment reference.)
Your payment confirms your enrolment in a specific workshop.  

Please note that these workshops can fill up very quickly, so full payment is appreciated for all attendees at the time of booking.


Introduction to Fermented Foods - vegetables, fruit, dairy and kombucha
To be scheduled.
Morning tea provided; participants will receive a workbook with recipes. Also, kefir grains and kombucha SCOBY can be supplied.

This is a great introduction to fermented foods. At this workshop you will learn ….

—› about gut flora and how important the microbiome is to your health.
—› how to use beneficial microbes to ferment fruit, vegetables and dairy products.
—› how fermentation makes foods easily digestible in this ‘hands-on’ workshop
—› how to make kefir, cultured cream, cultured butter, kombucha, sauerkraut, Korean-style kimchi, Fruit’n’Nut “medley”, fermented garlic and tomato salsa.
Spotlight on 4 Vegetable FermentsTo be scheduled. (90mins)$25/person
We will first taste the following probiotic, vegetarian and vegan-friendly foods: sauerkraut, kimchi, tomato salsa, fermented garlic.

Participants can also join in the experience of making these tasty fermented foods.

Guests will receive hardcopy notes for each recipe, and a soft-copy version after the experience, and can contact us for further advice.
Spotlight on Yoghurt and Labneh cheese
To be scheduled (60mins)$25/person
In this workshop, you will learn how to make yoghurt, and labneh cheese.

Workshop participants will be able to take home a yoghurt starter.
Spotlight on Ginger BeerTo be scheduled.$25/person
Come along to learn how to make a ginger bug, how to maintain it, and how to use it to make delicious, refreshing ginger beer. Practice your new knowledge as we make a tumeric bug, and use it to make tumeric-lime soda!

Includes worksheets with recipes, and a ginger bug to take home.
Spotlight on Kvass22 June (9.30am-10.30am)$25/person
Learn how to ferment beetroot into kvass a delicious fermented savoury vegetable drink, and into a beetroot vegetable "kraut".
Morning tea provided; Participants will receive a worksheets with recipes.
Spotlight on Fermented Hummus & Nut ButterTo be scheduled.$25/person
Learn how to ferment nuts and chick peas to remove those gut-disturbing phytates, and make nut butter and hummus.
(Includes soft-copy recipes)
Spotlight on Milk Kefir and Cultured ButterTo be scheduled.$25/person
Learn how to make milk kefir and cultured butter. Take home some milk kefir grains.
Focus on Sourdough 9 June (10am - midday)
At this workshop you will learn ….

—› how to make and use two different sourdough starters - one quite precise and one very forgiving!
—› how to use the starter to bake bread.

Workshop participants will be able to take home one or both of our sourdough starters.
Fermenting other grains - rice, oats & lentilsTo be scheduled. (2 hrs)$50/person
At this workshop you will learn ….

—› how to ferment oats to make porridge and muesli,
—› how to ferment rice and some suggested recipes
—› how to ferment rice and lentils into idli (steamed bread) and dosa (pancakes)
—› how to ferment lentils and some suggested recipes.
Making pasta with Mario11 June, 4.30-6pm
18 June, 4.30-6pm
25 June, 4.30-6pm
Learn to make healthy and tasty home-made pasta with and without a pasta-making machine. Taste the results of your labours with a delicious Italian pasta meal, in this practical and fun workshop.

Workshops are limited to 4 attendees to ensure your questions are answered and you can see, taste, touch and smell authentic Italian food!

Please book your place using the "Making Pasta with Mario" Airbnb Experience page.

Includes a pasta entree meal, and participants will receive worksheets with recipes (and softcopy).