Simple sauerkraut recipe

Simple sauerkraut
Simple sauerkraut


1 cabbage
1 teaspoon Celtic sea salt, or Himalyan pink salt
2 teaspoons caraway seeds


  1. Finely chop the cabbage. The photo sequence shows a drumhead cabbage, but any cabbage is fine – red, wombok, sugarloaf, etc. For the amount shown in the photographs, I’ve used half a drumhead cabbage, and also removed the white "bones".
  2. Place the finely chopped cabbage in a bowl with the salt and caraway seeds.
  3. Start "massaging" the cabbage to draw out its own moisture. The cabbage will change colour and after about 5-10 minutes will feel wet and limp. This is a great workout for your hands and arms!
  4. Scoop mixture into a wide mouthed jar and press down firmly till the juice covers the cabbage.
  5. Use a folded up cabbage leaf to top the mixture before pressing down.
  6. Stand a glass of water on top of the mixture to weigh down the sauerkraut - this keeps it submerged in its own juice.
  7. Transfer to a quiet spot in the kitchen and cover with a tea towel.
  8. Leave to ferment for 3 -5 days depending on the ambient temperature.

Press down on the mixture daily. You should see bubbles.
When ready remove the weighted glass and seal. Store in refrigerator.