Hi! We're Roslyn and Mario Bono and we’re passionate about health and nutrition – and especially about the way fermented foods help people achieve better health.  Our journey has been one from ill health to wellbeing, and it's still continuing.


Along the way we’ve seen how small changes in our diet and lifestyle have led us to wellness.  These simple changes included:

— enjoying daily exercise,
— checking ingredients on household and personal care products to #liveclean,
— committing to grow, source and eat locally produced food and
— learning how to ferment food and drinks and incorporate them into our diet.

These changes didn’t happen all at once. Many generous people gave their expertise and knowledge. (You can read about some of them on our Friends page.)

We believe in the generosity that is possible through fermenting food, reducing waste and allowing the preservation of food, and of wisdom from civilisations thousands of years ago. 

Our journey to wellness began with a single, first step.